SAP Predictive Analytics in Fraud & Risk Management

Organizations need to detect fraud, misuse, non-compliant or erroneous transactions earlier, to reduce financial loss and risk exposure. Investigation teams receive too many false positives, so they also need to improve the accuracy of detection at less cost. On a longer term basis, they aim at better predicting and preventing fraud situations to strengthen their business.

  • Quickly calculate risk scores and analyze fraud scenarios to understand how to prevent re-occurrence
  • Integrate with ERP applications to stop potentially fraudulent transactions before further processing
  • Integrate with SAP Predictive Analytics to determine which approaches are the most effective in deterring fraud – and make better decisions to reduce risk

Vodafone Customer Testimonial - SAP Fraud Management on SAP HANA

Vodafone Group chose to implement SAP Fraud Management on SAP HANA for T&E. The solution has improved their current checking process, enabling them to nowcheck 100% of employees claims and cross reference against other systems. Vodafone can now quickly identify duplicate claims and other activities not in-line with their internal policies.

Detect, Prevent, and Deter Fraud in Big Data Environments

The typical organization loses an estimated 5% of their annual revenues to fraud. Learn how your organization can use fraud management technology to reduce financial loss, protect revenue and reputation, and limit disruption to your business processes.

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