DAY 1, 4. APRIL 2017

The Digital Nuclear Utility

SAP is helping Utilities on their transformation to become Digital Businesses.  We will present the status of our innovative S/4 solution and updates about EAM, IoT, predictive machine learning and new techniques to leverage digital processes.

Asset Intelligence Network. Enhancing Enterprise Asset Management through Cross Company Collaboration

SAP is helping Utility on their journey to transform to a Digital Business.  This presentation will cover about the S/4 solution, EAM, IoT, predictive machine learning and new techniques to leverage digital processes.

SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft  

This presentation will cover interoperability of operational (OT) and transactional (IT) data, the benefits of convergence and related IoT use cases. The SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft can handle data aggregation, selection, cleansing as well as normalization of sensor data to be analysed in SAP HANA and for further processing in SAP IoT applications.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Update

As in previous years, Dean will provide an update about recent and future developments in EAM.

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS)
Product Discussion and Deep Dive

Asset Owner/Operators and Maintainers have long recognized the power of big data analytics in understanding asset conditions. However until recently the tools to unlock the potential of the data in real time remained out of reach.  With the introduction of Predictive maintenance and Service (PdMS) asset users now can combine the power of SAP HANA technology with predictive algorithms to anticipate and react before asset degradation impacts operations.  The team of presenters will cover the technology, the analytical methods, use cases and roadmap.


DAY 2, 5. APRIL 2017

Energy Digital Transition

Dr. Maher will present his leadership point of view about key trends in the utilities sector in EMEA and about how regulators, utilities and technology solution providers, including SAP, are responding to the challenge.

Lessons Learned Roundtable

In this interactive session topics from the audience will be raised, a point of view presented, and discussed. The goal is information sharing and we anticipate a lively discussion!